Queens Hairstyle


  • “You're really good, since you headdresses me, I'm still satisfied, I am pleased to have you as a hairdresser” Irène

  • “My hairstyles are always beyond my expectations; you are the best” Ervane

  • “My hair has never been the same since I chose you as a hairdresser” Berthe

  • “I would like to refer you all my friends so that they can also enjoy the magic of your fingers of fairy” Marie

Queen 3.png

My Dreams

  • Making women come from all over the world beautiful than they already do is a dream come true for me.

  • Promoting African culture through the braids and all others African hairstyles.

  • Styling great personalities who inspires me by their actions for the advancement of this world.

  • Valuing a hairdresser: This’s a talent that God gives some people to put at the service of others & themselves